From a Stationary Phone to a Cellular Phone Same City Same Prefecture, Other City Other Prefecture International

Tokyo to Osaka, Fukuoka to Sapporo, etc. Calling or faxing outside your prefecture is always 20 yen per 3 minutes( 1 minute 8 yen).
[Basic Plan-3 minutes 20 yen] [Business Plan-1 minute 8 yen]

* Aimed for corporations and individual customers.
* Choose plans for different phone lines (example- basic plan for phone line and business plan for fax)
* Registration for My Line requires a seperate form that will be sent by mail.

Tokyo to Nagoya, Tokyo to Osaka, Osaka to Fukuoka, Sapporo to Sendai are all 80 yen per 3 minutes with other NTT companies but with us they are all 20 yen per 3 minutes.

Applying is simple. Pick one of these methods.

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