From a Stationary Phone to a Cellular Phone Same City Same Prefecture, Other City Other Prefecture International

Tokyo city to Hachioji city, Sapporo city to Nemuro city, etc. calling or faxing in the same prefecture just 10 yen pre 3 minutes always (2 minutes 8 yen).
[Basic Plan 3 minutes 10 yen] [Business Plan 2 minutes 8 yen]

* Aimed for corporations and individual customers.
* Choose plans for different phone lines
(example- basic plan for phone line and business plan for fax)
* Registration for My Line requires a seperate form that will be sent by mail.

* The ammount above applies to My Plan My Line for "Other Prefecture" or "Same Prefecture, Other City" Those not registered to either fall under the basic plan 20 yen per 3 minutes, business plan 8 yen 1 minute.
* The rate of 10 yen per 3 minutes for My Line takes effect the first day of the next month after you have registered. Until then the rate is 20 yen per 3 minutes.

Applying is simple. Pick one of these methods.

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