About payment
Once the credit card information has been received payment for individuals and corporations is basically handled by automatic with drawl. For details check the "credit card entry request" section.
About an account transfer
Details on how to pay by bank account transfers will be sent to you after registration by mail. Please fill in the necessary information and send it back to us.
Abut the Lowest Fees for Same CIty Calling
The lowest fee for one customer in one month is 1000 yen.Even if the customer dose not use the same city calling service during the month the minimal cost of 20oo yen is charged. (Excluding the month you begin your contract in.)
How many telephone lines would you like to register ?
(Up to 50 possible)
As you indicated on the form above enter the numbers in the form below.
All lines register
( Example : In the case of three lines, it is 3. )

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